Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wow!!!! What a night!

I am so filled with gratitude right now. My older sister and her husband are here picking up their son from his mission. We got together tonight with them and my brother's family and my parents. It was such a good experience for me. I realized later that my usual worries and concerns about how my body is (mis)behaving didn't even come up in my mind AT ALL. It's hard to explain how miraculous and different that is. I usually, no matter what I'm doing, still have some struggles. It's been my way of living for so long, I almost didn't know how to overcome all of it. I would always be somewhere near Jeff (my safe person--yes, this is anxiety). I would be aware of my body and how it was feeling the majority of the time. I often became uncomfortable and would change locations, sit on the floor or whatever seemed to help. Tonight, not a SINGLE thought about my health, how it appeared to others, or how I was going to make it through entered my head. In fact, I didn't sit near Jeff for most of the night. We told stories and laughed and had a fabulous time. I feel closer to my family than ever before. Jeff said that it was good for him to see me right in the thick of things, telling stories and engaging with the whole family. Usually, I am more of a "sit on the sidelines" and hope to make it through the evening kind of person.

It's neat--my doctor out here, who I love and has only seen me twice so far, told me this week that I am not the same Maren that I was. He is so right. So many good things have been changing and happening for us, I am filled with joy.

I just wanted to share. It was such a lovely night and I am feeling so blessed and grateful that so many of my dreams are being realized.

On a side note--our dog, Kyle, has fallen in love with my oldest sister. I have never seen him take to someone like he has her. She really has a way with animals and they know it. That has also been a happy thing to see.

Anyway, it is late. My other sister's family are on their way here from the airport right now. We are just missing my younger brother. This is being a great reunion for the Larsen Clan.

I'll have pictures to post soon.




  1. So wonderful. I am so very happy for you. Enjoy to the fullest!

  2. That is so awesome! I am glad that you keep getting better and better. I really hope it continues!