Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween!

Here, in Utah, we had trick or treating last night. Jeff and I haven't handed out candy for years. Jeff was always out with Reilly and I was in bed, unable to participate in this fun holiday. We more than made up for it yesterday. I went a bit overboard in buying candy and then the rain made the night slower than it would have been, so I have lots of leftovers that I am not sure what to do with.

We had a lovely day. Jeff and Reilly went to our cousin's ward Halloween party Friday night. I stayed home to get some much needed R&R. After the busy month we've just had, Jeff and I slept way in on Saturday. What a luxury.

I spent much of the day cooking and straightening up. We had my parents and my cousins family over for dinner before trick-or-treating. It was loads of fun. Have I mentioned how much I love being here? One of the things we most treasure about our lives now is how much we are doing and participating in life, rather than just watching it pass us by.

I have also volunteered to help in Raw Melissa's kitchen. I am very excited by this opportunity.

Ok, back to Halloween. Jeff has been talking and dreaming about coming up with amazing costumes for years. It never made it past the *thinking about it* stage. This year he went all out. I am married to the most amazing man. We went all out and bought Reilly a Harry Potter costume (he read or rather, listened to, the first book this year). Unfortunately, we forgot to put his glasses on for the photoshoot or for the trick-or-treating. Oh well. I am full of tangents this morning. Jeff found this picture of snape and decided to design his own costume.

He went at it as an engineer would. He completely designed and made the costume himself, without a pattern. He even fabric covered the buttons. It turned out great. He is quite the tailor. What an impressive feat.

Backing up to Friday again. We went to Reilly's school for the costume parade. It was very cute. And, Reilly was able to go with my Aunt to her son's business for some fun trick-or-treating. He's been having a ball.

We had my parents and my cousins family over for dinner, as I mentioned. It's been years since I've done much in the kitchen, but was pleased to find out that I haven't lost my touch. I am still a good cook (*yeah!*).

Then while the kids and some of the bigger kids (their parents) went trick-or-treating, Mom, dad and I played cards in between answering the door.

I should mention also that I have the most amazing and talented cousins. They were dressed up as Alice in Wonderland characters. My favorite part of the evening was my cousin, the Red Queen, answering the door. Besides scaring the really little kids, most everyone loved it.

Here are pictures of our costumes.


  1. Actually, that wasn't Erin, it was your mom.

  2. Heh - everyone looks great! (Tell Jeff he's amazing)

  3. Wow, I am totally floored by Jeff's costume making skills! Amazing.

  4. I love all of your costumes, and Jeff's is really cool. The robes were awesome, and he really captured the greasy hair!!