Saturday, September 18, 2010

Raw Melissa, Buy Local CSA and early Halloween costume pics

I had the pleasure this morning of meeting Melissa of Raw Melissa at the local Natural Foods Store--Good Earth in American Fork. She was there signing her new cookbook which I have purchased. I have loved eating her raw desserts and the cookbook is filled with yummy looking recipes. She was great in person. I am really enjoying the opportunities I am finding here.

I have also found, through Raw Melissa, Jacob's Cove Heritage Farm. They have are local--located in Orem--and have a year round CSA. They are the only one in Utah County so far. I am excited for the fall share starting on October 4th.

Mom and I went to Ginger's Garden Cafe for lunch this week. That is where Jeff and I went on a date recently. I braved something new and tried their raw pizza. I didn't like it near as much as the other food I tried there. I do want to go back and try some of their other options.

Speaking of mom, she is off this weekend attending her 50th High School Reunion. Wow.

Jeff and I watched The Ghost Writer last night. Now I am going to have to read the book. It was suspenseful and interesting.

This week was kind of awash. I did go to my mom's and help her in the garden. Other than that, not a whole lot is going on. We are now on Step 2 of Green Smoothie Girl's 12 steps to whole foods. We are eating lots of salads. I am doing my best to make a variety so we don't get tired of them. Raw Melissa's book "Faves" has several salad's that look different and absolutely delicious.

I did some fall planting of cool weather crops and greens. They are beginning to sprout. I intend to cover them when it begins to frost and see how long I can get them to last. Then, hopefully they will come back in the spring. I am excited to put in a few raised beds next year to start my own veggie garden.

This post has turned into a series of ramblings. That's where my thoughts are right now, I guess. All over the place.

Reilly is doing well in school. He has a really cute friend, Joe, that lives a couple of doors down. Joe's 2 older brothers start for BYU Football--it makes watching the games more fun (thankfully, I missed their heartbreaking loss last week). His brothers are Terence Brown and Rhen Brown.

Our calling in Cub Scouts is going ok. We have lots to learn to make it a real success. The boys seem to be having fun in the meantime, regardless.

We are all loving the weather. It is so nice outside. The mountains are starting to turn red and orange. We are going to go for a drive to see the leaves in the mountains around the first of October.

We bought Reilly his Halloween costume already. He is going to be Harry Potter. He was just introduced to the first book and movie this summer. I'm including a few pictures.

I hope everyone is having a good week!



  1. He makes a perfect Harry Potter!! What a little cutie.

    I will have to look at some of your salad recipes...I feel like I do the same thing over and over. What was it about the raw pizza you didn't like? I will have to try that cafe out.
    I am so glad you are enjoying yourself here and LOVE having you guys so close. You guys are the best.

  2. Adorable pictures! So glad you are loving the west.

  3. Tina--the first thing my mom said as we finished eating was that we needed to bring you there. I suggested that we leave Jeff and Reilly with Rob and the rest of the kids and go out. How fun would that be?

    The pizza was just very different. It was on a flax cracker-like crust, it had a raw nut cheese and a basil type of sauce. The toppings were cut up veggies and portabella mushrooms. It was "fine", but something I would definitely have to get used to. This is coming from someone who had to work hard to overcome my aversions to any type of veggies. Some new things just take some repetition for me to be able to eat and enjoy them properly.

    Thanks Lorien. We are so glad to be here. Yesterday, I think I drove by the Mt. Timpanogas temple about 6 times. I love it!! This Sunday there is a youth fireside in our stake where the General Young Woman President will be speaking as will ex-pro football player Chad Lewis, who is in our stake. We just participated in a 150 stake youth conference that had a member of the 70s, Elder Boyd K Packer and Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. I could go on. I love it and I feel much better here. It's been a good move for us.

  4. Oh, and Tina. We also LOVE having you guys so close. We want to do more with your family. Will life ever settle down? Maybe not, but we'll figure something out.