Thursday, September 9, 2010

Raw Food, No Pictures

I thought I'd blog even though I don't have pictures ready to put up yet.

Jeff and I are really getting into eating whole foods, green smoothies, raw, etc. is the coolest. We went to one of her classes after we moved here. I must say that consuming so many green, leafy vegetables has done more for my health than any of the medication, supplements, therapies, etc. that we have tried. I feel really great and it keeps on getting better.

Tonight for dinner, I had bought a smorgasboard of raw foods to try (crackers, dip, salad dressing, something we don't know what it was-but it was good, then the desserts--truffle pie, chocolate covered macaroons and a lavender apple cinnamon cookie). That cookie was a bit heavy on the lavender and unfortunately, wasn't a favorite. Everything else we really enjoyed quite a bit. I am so proud of Jeff too. He has gotten totally on board with the green smoothies and everything else. I am also proud of myself. If anyone knew me back when, I don't think a single vegetable touched my lips for the majority of my life (until my 30s). Now I love them and am not the picky eater, in the slightest, that I once was. Although, I still take exception to eggplant. I may give that another try.....maybe.....

Our grand goal is to get Reilly on board and cure all of his ills. We have yet to figure out a way to do that. I am hopeful that we will get the help we need for him. We have lots of appointments coming up.

Love and miss y'all




  1. Wow Maren...30s for vegetables!Did you eat lots of fruit?
    I hope Reilly will be able to get into the whole foods and green smoothies soon.

  2. yes, I did eat fruit. I was extremely picky as a child. So, having Reilly have picky food issues is probably no surprise. We are hoping to turn this around.

  3. Yes, it was all good. Even the relish/spread thing with no name. (Spread that shall not be named?)

  4. Do give eggplant another try. I love it!

  5. I hear you on the eggplant. I only like it when it is made into a parmesan dish...which isn't exactly healthy. But it is tasty.