Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the blue lemon and family

We just got back from a catered party at the blue lemon (which I love) for my dad's aunt's 87th birthday. She looked great. It was fun. I met a bunch of relatives (cousins-- twice, second, removed or something). Reilly immediately found a group of kids running around and joined in. He had a blast and wants to go back tomorrow even though we explained that it wouldn't be a private party and the kids wouldn't be there, etc. Most of the kids were girls even. He has come a long way.

So......the blue lemon. That is a unique, locally owned and operated restaurant that I discovered shortly after we moved here. I liked it so much that I took my mom to it and we had a wonderful time that we have plans to go back. Their food is on the more natural, healthy side, but with a twist. Everything is a bit different but absolutely delicious. They have carrot cupcakes that are made with whole wheat flour and agave for the sweetener. They served them tonight and yummmmm.

It turns out that the owner of the blue lemon is one of my second-cousins-removed-or whatever. Yes, it's a stretch, but I am excited to find out that it is owned by someone in the family. My family is huge. I do look forward to getting to know more of my extended family.

They also have cooking classes that look wonderful and I plan on taking some next year. Raw Melissa has also taught there.

Anyway, I'm excited that I found this cool place and then found out that it's in the family.

I am really into supporting locally owned and operated businesses of all kinds.

Ok, gotta run. Boys are waiting for me to do the night time routine stuff.



  1. I love this! how neat, and now I will have to try this place.

    I'm going to take some cooking classes this fall, well next month actually @ Sur La Table, at the Gateway. I am really into cooking lately.

    This is a neat tidbit. Loved it.

  2. They just opened one in Salt Lake City too. Check their website.

  3. I need to have their decorator come in and re-do my office. I love the way the private room was set up.