Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wow. A Post!

I did something today I haven't done in awhile. I looked at a few friends blogs. I love how interconnected the world is. We have friends from our ward in Delaware who now live in Texas. They are friends with a family that lives in our new ward in Utah. Following a few links, I found some blogs of new friends that I didn't know about and even saw my poor neglected blog on someone's blogroll. Thus the inspiration to come back here and write a few words.

My last post was about my first experience playing the piano in church. Thank goodness it was the toughest one and it's been easier ever since. I'm becoming more and more comfortable in this calling. Not perfect, but ever improving.

We had another busy month with lots of visitors--my sister from Seattle, my brother and family from Virginia, cousins from Idaho, etc. I am so happy we are here.

The one sad element to this move has been leaving Jeff's parents behind. We hope that we can get together with them for a wonderful visit this year. I have not done much in the way of photography for aeons and my poor mother-in-law is starved to see some pictures of her now thriving grandson. I hope I can fix that.

I miss the weekly Sunday pictures I used to do. He is looking pretty good these days (well nourished) and is feeling well. I hope to do a basketball photo shoot of him this spring with all of his BYU outfits on. He is a huge Jimmer fan. We bought him a hoop and he's been practicing his shot. He's pretty good already. Yay for the inspiration of BYU basketball.

My nephew is attending BYU right now and it has been wonderful to reconnect with him. He went on a spanish speaking mission and cooked us some wonderful mexican the other night. He is such a great person. I am so glad we're here when he is.

We are slowly but steadily getting our house in order. It was hard for months since I was working and not home a lot. I have rearranged my life so that I am here most of the time, especially when Reilly gets home from school and in the evenings. That is helping. It sure feels good to be on top of things.

Life is good.

Gratitudes for the day:

1. We are still so happy we made this move. I can't keep the smile off of my face

2. My tulips and daffodils are coming up

3. I get to help my mom in her incredible garden tomorrow get some early cool weather crops in. So excited for growing greens.

4. Reilly is motivated to earn some money for something he wants to buy. We'll be doing extra chores and things this week to help him achieve his goal.

5. BYU made it to the Sweet Sixteen!!!!!


  1. So happy to see you post:) I still read blogs and I like it better than fb. I can't wait to see pics with Reilly in his BYU outfits.

  2. Wow. That comment came quick. Thanks Livia. I do miss blogging and hope to be more consistent.

  3. Yes,you are on my blogroll:)Hugs

  4. I am glad that things are going well and that Reilly is thriving! Yay!