Friday, January 7, 2011

The Best of 2010

I am going to keep this short because one of my resolutions is to simplify. I obviously didn't follow up with my previous plans for weight loss coverage on my blog over the holidays. All I can say is I am grateful for the New Year and a New Start.

In that light, here are some high points for 2010

-MOVING TO UTAH!!!! This has been the best thing we have ever done.

-I am healthy. (another biggie)

-Jeff and I have done more active things together in the 6 months we've lived here than we have in our previous 12 years of marriage.

-Reilly was baptized.

-My nephew got off of his mission and is now here at BYU

-Becoming close friends with my cousins who live 5 minutes away

-Taking piano lessons (thank you Leslie!)

-Having a private concert by my ever so talented opera singing friends. It was a thrilling experience for me.

-Having before mentioned talented singing friends become some of our closest and bestest friends.

-Sunday dinners at Jeff's parents house (we sure miss you guys!)

-our new ward

-Lunches with my parents and brother

-Hanging out with my brother and his family

-Reilly is doing so well in school and he loves it here

-working for Raw Melissa

-Date night

-Having George Durrant as a neighbor (yes, my fellow ward members, I am still a bit star struck by that--I've been a Durrant fan ever since Devin played for BYU and later, after reading many of Brother Durrant's books)

-Reilly walking or riding his bike to his new school

-Catching up with old friends who lived with us back East but have also relocated to Utah (there are still a few we are trying to catch)

-Having lots and lots of company stay in our house

-Feeling happy the majority of the time

-Getting to know Stephanie "NieNie" Neilson a little bit

-Finding lost friends on facebook

-Seeing "The Scarlet Pimpernel" in the theatre

-Rooftop concerts in Provo


-our new house

-our new car

-Gardening with my mom

-Getting my family to dance to Just Dance on the wii (especially my parents, brother-in-law, etc.)

-starting to wear fun stripey socks

-Jeff designing and tailoring his Halloween costume to perfection

I could go on and on, but I have already passed the brief post that I intended. I really don't know how to be brief. I'm trying.

Here's to 2011 and the best year YET!!!


  1. Wow, when you put it like that... ;D

    May I also add... the healthiest you've ever been.

    What a great year!