Friday, November 12, 2010

Catching Up

There has been some requests on facebook to give more detail about my new job. I have mentioned Raw Melissa on this blog before. She is local and makes the most decadent and delicious raw desserts. I had her make a chocolate raspberry truffle pie for my birthday. Yummmm. For some reason, I really wanted to work with her from the moment that I met her. She is fun and has fantastic energy. She has a new website that is pretty awesome. Check it out here.

She mentioned on facebook the other day that she was looking for some volunteers. I, and several others, jumped at the chance to work with her. She had positions for two and of the many who originally were interested, I, so far, have been the only one who has been serious enough to follow through and start working. I am compensated with lots of freebies.

It's a really part time position (perfect for me). 4 hours a week or so. I started this week. I was nervous for my first day. It was the first time I've worked outside of the home in ages and all of my fears of my health were at the forefront of my mind. It could not have gone better. I felt fantastic and had a wonderful time.

Raw Melissa has recently landed a deal with Whole Foods in our local 4 state area. Her business is growing and I imagine the holidays are going to be a very busy time. She also has an awesome new cookbook out that can be purchased here.

That is what's going on with that. I have certainly come far.

Last night, Jeff and I were privileged to go with my parents to the Hale Theatre to watch their production of The Scarlet Pimpernel. This was my first time to this particular theatre. I was blown away. The talent was incredible. I absolutely LOVED the show. I wish I could go back and see it again, but alas, it is sold out. I don't know what it is about this area, but there seems to be so much more to do. There are always classes, entertainment and BYU events that I am interested in going to. The problem is saying no to most everything. I am so happy we are here. We have done more in the last few months that we've lived here than we have in our entire 12 years of marriage. My health is a big part of that, I know, but it's more than just that.

Anyway, things are going exceptionally well. Anyone who wants to come and visit, our home is always open!

Love you all!



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