Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Blog

Welcome from my blog at marensgarden.com. Life has changed in many ways, it seemed appropriate to start a new blog moving forward from now. Marensgarden focused on my lack of health and my son's as well. I'm back on my feet and life keeps on getting better. There is a whole world out there of things I want to see and do. This will be my record of "Everything After" the whole ordeal of being bed bound for 4 years.

I have some not-so-good news to start this blog with. We had a robbery in our home last week while we slept. They came in through the basement window and stole a lot of electronics. There were several tender mercies though. They didn't take the shared drive that has all of my pictures and data on it. We've been meaning to back that up, but hadn't gotten around to it yet (that has suddenly moved to the top of the list). They didn't take our camera or any of the things that are irreplaceable and mean a lot to us. We are all fine. That's the greatest blessing of all. All that was taken was stuff (and a bit of peace of mind).

But, still, when we think of how our lives were a year ago compared to now.......things are great and just getting better. We have insurance and are taking this opportunity to look at what we really need and to begin to declutter our home. I can stand and walk and do all of the mundane chores that used to be impossible for me. I LOVE it. I love being an active mom and taking a larger role in my son's life. I love being an equal partner with my husband. I can keep house and cook now so he is freed from a lot of what he has had to do in the past. And I am loving all that I can do.

I hope you'll come back and visit me often. Comments are always appreciated.


  1. Welcome to your new home. I am sure it will be as nice and friendly as your old place.

    Do I smell halloween in the air?

  2. I love the new blog, you have such a great attitude, it is just infectious!!!

  3. I like the new blog too!

    I can't believe that you were robbed! That is horrible! But I am so glad that you didn't lose any of the important things and that everyone is OK!

  4. New blog, new start. I love it, and I love the inspiration I get from your story. I look forward to reading all of your future posts.

  5. Hi! Long time no talk. I feel mixed emotions about your move. This is just plain cute--will you change your decor monthly?

    But our blogcadia times were a good era--in the way we communicated. I've always planned to get back to it ... still can. I miss the closeness.

    Your testimony was moving. I was also so deeply touched by Elder Hollands talk--that and his previous one of Christ walking the lonely path alone so that we would not have to. At the end of each, I commented that they were possibly all-time classics.

    I also know that the Book of Mormon is true. I would like to be able to express that more.

    Life is good, if very busy.

    Love, Lou Ann

  6. PS I am shocked and horrified about the burglary, but thrilled that you were protected and that you were able to take it in stride.

  7. Thanks for making it easier for me to comment. I like your halloween theme. Will you change it often? Elena

  8. I don't know how often I will change the background, but the seasonal stuff will obviously be changed as Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas are over.

  9. Somehow I missed you were starting a new blog. I love the look (although this feels all new and unfamiliar... Is marensgarden done then?)

    But hooray! for 'after' and for things to just keep getting better and better!

  10. I announced the new blog over at marensgarden and on facebook and even in an email to family members awhile ago. marensgarden is officially "done". I am hoping to preserve it in a blurb book as well as have the archives still online. It was time for a new start.